Rachel Krause

Cross Platform Application

Designed a cross-platform application that utilized Bluetooth technology to communicate with tools.

User Research, Personas, Journey Mapping, Design Sessions, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Front-end Development

Discovery Phase

Prior to starting development, we teamed up with our stakeholders to interview users on job sites to ask them what could make their process more efficient.

Sketches & Concepting


Created wireframes to show a workflow of adding an item to a user's inventory.

"Final" UI Design

Created mockups to represent all platforms of the application, including iPhone, Android, and modern browsers. Because a design in software is never final, these were iterated on multiple times since the first version of the app.

Lessons Learned & Key Takeaways

  • The stakeholders were part of the entire design process, which we adapted to include brainstorming sessions, internal tech design sessions, and design reviews with the large team.
  • We started our usability testing with paper prototypes and brought them on job sites to test with real users.
  • We observed the launch event to hear initial feedback from users as they were testing out the application.

Let's Work Together

I'm open to speaking and workshop requests, new opportunities, mentoring, and chats about all things UX.

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